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Upload demo data to CDF (3 mins)


The features described in this section are currently in beta testing and are subject to change. We recommend that you don't use the features in production systems.

For more information, request to join the data modeling group on the Cognite Hub.

This unit describes how to upload the sample dataset we'll use throughout the data modeling articles.


  1. Download the demo data and unzip it to a folder on your local computer. The zip file contains three files:

    • movies.csv - the top 1000 movies from IMDB.
    • actors.csv - the actors in the movies.
    • actor_movie_appearances.csv - relationships (edges) between the movies and the actors.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary capabilities to work with tables and databases in Cognite RAW, the staging area in CDF.

Upload the demo data to RAW

To upload the demo data into RAW:

  1. Navigate to Cognite Data Fusion and select Integrate > Manage staged data.

  2. To create a new database, select Create database and name the database movies.

  3. Select Create table, and name it movies. Next, select the Upload CSV file button and select the movies.csv file.

  4. Select I know the primary key, select id, and then the Create button.

  5. Repeat the steps above to upload the actors.csv and actor_movie_appearances.csv files as new tables in the movies database. Use the filename (without the file extension) as the name of each table.

    RAW tables after import

In the next section, you'll use the uploaded data to create a data model.