# Contextualize P&IDs

Extract information from static P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) to create fully contextualized and interactive diagrams that you can navigate on any device.

Use CDF to find, extract, and match tags (the identifiers for equipment and file names), and automatically link them to an asset hierarchy and any associated resources, such as time series, files and sequences. Then let domain experts validate and fine-tune the results.

The P&IDs must be single-page PDF files containing a diagram with tags or an image of a diagram with tags.

P&ID Context

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# Step 1: Select P&IDs and assets to match


  1. Navigate to fusion.cognite.com (opens new window).
  2. Sign in with your CDF project name and credentials.
  3. Select Contextualize P&IDs in the menu.
  4. On the P&ID Contextualization pages, select the P&IDs you want to make interactive and then the assets you want to match the P&IDs to.
  5. Optional: Use the Data set, Search and Source system to filter the P&IDs. For assets, you can also filter by root asset.

# Step 2: Select P&ID options

Use the Select P&ID options page to configure the matching of P&IDs to assets.

  1. Optional: Select Allow partial matches to include matches where the P&ID tag names do not exactly match the asset list. CDF finds matches by comparing similar characters, such as 0 and O, 8 and B. Clear this option to only allow exact matches.

  2. Optional: Select Grayscale P&ID to increase the speed of the matching and create SVG files with smaller file size. Clear this option to generate SVG files with the original source colors.

  3. Select Next to start matching P&IDs and CDF resources.

# Step 3: Validate interactive P&IDs and update CDF

For each P&ID CDF shows the tag types it has detected:

  • Files: Tags to other P&IDs
  • Assets: Tags to other assets in CDF
  • Unclassified: Tags that are already manually linked to other resources
  1. To validate the automatic results, select View to display the interactive P&ID.

  2. In the interactive P&ID view, you can inspect and validate the automatic results, and you can manually add new tags or search for similar tags and link them to assets or files.

    • To add new tags:

      Add tag link

      1. Select Actions and Add new tags.
      2. Draw a bounding box with the mouse pointer around the tag you want to add.
      3. Choose the asset or file you want to link to.
      4. Select Add tag link.
      5. Select Finish adding.
    • To search for similar tags:

      1. Click Action and Find similar objects.
      2. Draw a bounding box with the mouse pointer around the object you want to search for similarities for.
      3. Click Find similar tags.
      4. Choose the asset or file you want to link to.
      5. Click Add tag link.


  3. You can update CDF with individual P&IDs from the interactive P&ID view, or you can bulk update P&IDs from the results page.

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