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Perform activities

To perform your activities in InField, you use checklists. A checklist has a set of tasks where you add a status, such as OK, Not OK, or Blocked. You can also add images, videos, and observations you notice while performing the work. For some tasks, you may also see fields for adding measurement readings and additional custom labels.

Work with checklists

  1. Navigate to the Checklists tab and select Assigned to me from the dropdown in the sidebar to view checklists assigned to your discipline and you personally.


    If you can't find a checklist, try sorting on Ready, In progress, or Done.

  2. Enter any measurement values your supervisor has requested.

  3. Optional. If available, select an extra status set by an admin, for example Low, Normal, High, or Open, Closed.

  4. For each task, select OK or a different status from Other.

  5. Select + to add images, videos, enter text, or create observations. You can create an asset observation if an asset requires a closer look due to malfunction by filling out the Observations form.

  6. When you're done, select Mark checklist as from the (...) > Done. You can no longer update the checklist.

Explore assets

To see information linked to an asset, such as 3D images, documents, time series, or other assets, search for the asset or select an asset ID displayed as a blue link.

  • Select the search icon (Search icon) to search for assets, time series, or documents.
  • Select Hierarchy to find equipment linked to the asset you're working with.

Work offline

Field workers can complete operator rounds and work orders with slow or no network connectivity on their mobile devices.

To work offline, open the checklist while you still have network connectivity. If you go offline, you can still complete tasks but you can't access the asset explorer, upload media, and create observations. When you're back online, all data collected offline will be uploaded.