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All the information stored in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) is available through a modern REST-based API. In addition to a well-documented API, Cognite provides connectors and SDKs for many common programming languages and analytics tools, such as Python, JavaScript, Spark, OData (Excel, Power BI), and Grafana. We also offer community SDKs for Scala and .Net.

To visualize large, interactive 3D models on the web, our Reveal JavaScript library supports complex CAD models and large point clouds hosted by CDF.


Software Development Kits (SDKs), libraries, and connectors

The Cognite Python SDK requires Python 3.5+ and provides access to the CDF API from applications written in the Python language. We supply a separate extension to the SDK if you're looking to develop CDF data extractors. Our Python SDK is typically used by AI/ML engineers in machine learning development and by data scientists to analyze and compute numeric and scientific data.

The JavaScript SDK provides access to the CDF API from applications written in client- or server-side JavaScript. The library supports authentication through API keys (for server-side applications) and bearer tokens (for web applications). It's typically used to develop complex applications on top of the data in CDF.

If you prefer to use Spark to work with your data, the Cognite Spark Data Source lets you read and write data from and to CDF.

Visualization and dashboarding

The Cognite Power BI connector lets you use a CDF project as a data source in Power BI Desktop to query, transform and visualize data, share insights across your organization, or embed dashboards in your app or website.

With the Cognite Data Source for Grafana, you can use a CDF project as a data source in Grafana to query, visualize, alert on, and explore your time series data.


Customer solutions

Visit our use case library for examples of how customers use our development tools to build solutions. Happy building!

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