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Deploy Cognite Data Fusion with the CDF Toolkit

The Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) Toolkit is a command-line tool for configuring, deploying, and administering CDF projects.

The CDF Toolkit comes with pre-configured modules that you can use to quickly set up a CDF project with demo data or modify to use with your organization's data. You can also create custom modules to match your detailed needs.

For each CDF project, customize the setup with project-specific configuration files that define the environment variables and list the modules to deploy.

The CDF Toolkit manages logical modules of CDF resources

A module is a bundle of logically connected resource configuration files, each of which sets up one CDF resource type. For example, a module can contain resource configuration files to set up the necessary extractors, extraction pipelines, data sets, and transformation resources for a complete data pipeline.

To reliably deploy to different CDF projects as part of your development workflow and release pipeline, we strongly recommend that you include the CDF Toolkit and configurations in your CI/CD pipelines.