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Cognite InRobot

Deploy and manage robots to automate data collection and equipment inspection.

About Cognite InRobot


The features described in this section are currently in beta testing and are subject to change.

Cognite InRobot helps you plan, perform, and automate activities, such as running missions (operator rounds), scanning and monitoring equipment, and collecting different types of data.

With a robot connected, operators can create a robot work cycle, avoid dangerous conditions, and inspect small and hard-to-reach areas and equipment.

The data collected by the robot are available in InRobot and in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). You can check and analyze the data and notify users if the robot collects unusual data.

The InRobot application integrates with:

  • Spot: A robot platform by Boston Dynamics.
  • ANYmal D: An autonomous legged robot platform by ANYbotics.
  • ANYmal X: An ex-proof inspection robot platform by ANYbotics.