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What's new in Cognite Remote

This article documents the ongoing releases of Cognite Remote features.

Version 6 - July 5, 2021

The main new features in the Cognite Remote v6.0 release are:

  • Support for OpenID Connect login with Microsoft Azure.
  • Interactive charting of time series sensor data.
  • Substantially improved Contextualize mode with display of 3D model and asset hierarchy data.
  • Configurable Plan mode generally available for all customers.
  • Display of geo-positioned images with tag detection for contextualization.
  • Preview of displaying checklist data from visual inspection rounds.
  • Display of historic 360 images taken at the same location using robots.
  • 3D rendering enhancements for improved visual quality and performance.
    • Improved rendering of point cloud data
    • Improved rendering of shadows
    • Improved rendering of GIS vector data as splines or straight lines
    • Improved rendering of world environment (ocean and sky)
  • Several incremental improvements and fixes.