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Set up the File Extractor

The Cognite File Extractor is distributed as a Windows executable file. Follow the steps below to set up the extractor.

Before you start

  1. Check the server requirements for the extractor.

  2. Make sure the extractor has the following access capabilities in a Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) project:

    • files:read and files:write
    • raw:read, raw:write, and raw:list for state store configured to use CDF RAW.

    You can use OpenID Connect and your existing identity provider (IdP) framework to manage access to CDF data securely. Read more.

  3. Set up a Windows Update schedule. Note that the update may reboot the machine, causing extractor downtime.

  4. Navigate to Data management > Integrate > Extractors to download the Windows executable file.

    Permission issues

    Set Modify permission under Properties in the installation folder to avoid permission issues.

  5. Create a configuration file according to the configuration settings. The file must be in YAML format.

Run from a command line

  1. Navigate to the installation folder in a command line window.
  2. Run the file_extractor<version*number>-<platform_name>.exe* file.

The extractor reads and configures the extractor according to the configuration settings.

In this example, the configuration file is named config.yml and saved in the same folder as the executable file:

For Windows:

.\file_extractor-<version>-win32.exe <config-file>

For Linux:

./file_extractor-<version>-linux <config-file>

Automate scheduled runs with the Windows Task Scheduler.