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Explore image and video data

Images contain essential information required for optimizing operations, including metadata on the image or video file. This can be the time or location of a photo, and information in the images, like a number on a tag or an image that shows rust on a pipe. You can upload and modify image and video data in CDF using the Image and video management user interface.

When you work with image and video data in CDF, you can:


The CDF user interface supports .jpeg, .jpg, .png, mp4, and .WebM files. If you need to upload other types of files, you can do that with APIs.

Before you start

To view and edit image and video data, you need these capabilities.

Get started

  1. Navigate to Data management > Images and videos.

  2. The file overview loads up to 1000 images at a time. Use search filters to narrow the results to ensure you see and access the most relevant images.

  3. In the search result, select an element in the file overview to see image details and annotations.

APIs for image and video data

You can upload, enrich, and explore image and video data using the CDF user interface or the CDF APIs. These are the primary APIs that CDF uses for this: