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Deploy with the CDF Toolkit

The CDF Toolkit is a command-line tool to configure and administer Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) projects. It also includes pre-built templates to get quickly started on your CDF project. You can use it to:

  • Retrieve and push configurations of CDF services like data sets, data models, transformations, and more, for example, to support iterations in a development project.

  • Script and automate configuration of CDF projects, for example, to support DevOps workflows with development, staging, and production projects. The CDF configurations are defined in YAML files stored in a version control system.

  • Deploy project templates to a CDF project. The tool includes templates to get started with CDF, and for use cases delivered by Cognite or our partners. You can create and share your own templates.

To learn more, visit https://developer.cognite.com/sdks/toolkit/.


The CDF toolkit is actively developed and is community-supported with contributions from Cognite engineers. It's provided as-is, without any support or warranties from Cognite.