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Troubleshoot the Studio for Petrel extractor

This article has troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the issues if you are receiving errors or seeing unexpected behavior related to the Cognite Studio for Petrel extractor.

View error messages

You'll find information related to the Windows service under Windows Logs > Application in the Event Viewer.

To log messages from the extractor, configure the parameters in the Logging configuration section. The log file is named log-Year-Month-Day.log. By default, this log is stored in the logs directory within the installation directory. The log file rotates once a day and is kept for 7 days. You can change this with the retention configuration parameter.


Use Powershell's Get-Content -Tail to monitor changes in the logs.

Failed runs

If the extractor fails to run, stop the Windows service, and start Connector.exe from the command line. Note that the command prompt must run as the same user as the Windows service to get the same Studio for Petrel access. Here's an example of a license checkout error:

Powershell logs

Configuration errors

Configuration errors throw exceptions when the extractor runs. You'll find the missing or incorrect parameters in the execution logs. When you've fixed the configuration file, restart the extractor service:

  1. Stop the extractor service execution by running:

    net stop ConnectorService
  2. Start the extractor service execution by running:

    net start ConnectorService

If a service is constantly restarting due to errors, the Windows server may choose to throttle the service instead of restarting. You may need to start the service manually using the Windows service.

Windows events log

You can use the Windows Event Viewer to troubleshoot errors when the extractor runs. Issues such as incorrect credentials when starting the service won't be logged as files, so you must check the Event Viewer logs.

Windows Event Viewer

Use the event logs in combination with the log file to debug errors or find incorrect configuration settings.