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Server requirements

You can run the extractor on a physical server, on a virtual machine on-premises, or in the cloud. These requirements depend on the number and size of files.


The server needs a minimum of 1 GB RAM and an extra 32 GB HD for logging and storage.


The server needs a minimum of 1-core CPU.


  • An operating system that runs on Windows or Linux.

Network access

  • Network access with firewall openings to the CDF cluster and a CDF project.

CDF access

You can use OpenID Connect and your existing identity provider (IdP) framework to manage access to CDF data securely. Read more.

CDF capabilities

The extractor needs the following capabilities in a CDF project:

  • files:read and files:write
  • raw:read, raw:write, and raw:list for state store configured to use CDF RAW.