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Set up assets and configure general settings

When you've set up the Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) project that will provide data for InField, you can configure how to visualize the data in the InField application.

First, set up one or more assets and define settings that apply to all. The assets are digital representations of, for instance, a plant, platform, or installation and point to asset nodes in the CDF asset hierarchy.


You can override some general settings for all assets with general settings for individual assets.

Set up an asset

Follow these steps for each asset you want to make available in InField:

Set up new asset
  1. In the top menu, select Manage and Configure > Configure InField.

  2. Navigate to Manage and Configure > Configure InField and select the Assets tab.

  3. Select Set up new asset and give the asset a unique name. This name is displayed in InField.

  4. Under Root node, select the root node from the CDF asset hierarchy. This asset will use all children of the selected node.

  5. Under Asset short name, enter a short code to be used in the unique URL of the asset. The URL uses this pattern:


  6. Select the US (MM.DD.YYYY) or the EU date format (DD.MM.YYYY).

  7. Optional: Select a Beta flag to display in the InField top bar while you are testing your configuration.

Configure general settings

  1. Navigate to Manage and Configure > Configure InField and select the General tab.
Create an asset
  1. Fill in the fields as necessary:

    FieldDescriptionDefault value
    Available languagesList the languages users can select in InField.English, Norwegian, Japanese
    Default languageSet the default language.English
    Voided tag filterSpecify a string or a valid regular expression to hide voided tags in search and scan results.-
    Voided documentsSpecify file metadata to hide voided documents on the Documents page.-
    Trends disclaimerTurn on to display the disclaimer For real-time data, confirm with CCR for trends/time series.Off
    Loader screen disclaimerEnter a disclaimer to display once a day as the application loads.-
    File upload data set ID1Enter the data set ID for image files added by users. Overrides any general data set ID that you have configured.-
    Measure point readings data set ID2Enter the data set ID for time series measurement readings added by users. Enter a value to allow measurement readings to be used in checklist templates. This overrides any general data set ID that you have configured.-
    Data set display name mappingEnter a descriptive name for the data sets.-
    Governed data setsList the data sets that will be used in the application.All production data sets
    Global notificationsEnter a text to communicate critical information in a pop-up dialog.-

    1 required to visualize the data in the user interface.

    2 required if the specific feature is enabled.