# Suites and boards

Cognite Solutions Portal is the entry point to access all the applications and use cases you have built on top of CDF. It is easy to add new boards and grouping them into suites, providing you with an intuitive overview.

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# Suites

A suite is a collection of dashboards, apps, and links that gather essential data in your daily work. You can find your suites on the left side menu, and you can always click the Home icon on the top left corner to go back to the suites view.

# Boards

Boards are the content of a suite. A board can be a dashboard, an application, or a link with relevant information for your organization. You can choose to see live data from reports, such as Grafana or Power BI dashboards. Hover over a board to see more details, or click the board to open it in a separate tab.

The image shows boards

# Access Cognite application from the home page

System administrators can toggle Cognite applications deployed for your organization to be shown on the home page.

Applications list

# Quick access

Quick access shows the six most recently visited boards and the date and time you accessed them.

The image shows Quick access

# Share a board

To share a board with a colleague, select More options (...) on the suite or board and then select Share board.

The image shows Share functionality

Last Updated: 8/20/2021, 8:19:59 AM