You can use checklists to create simple todo-lists in the field, or to efficiently prepare work from the office. Each checklist item can contain either text or tag links to have easy access to tag information in the field.

Checklists are great for importing an object list from your work management application (typically SAP, Workmate or similar) to provide efficient access to information about all of the inserted tags in the field.

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Create a checklist

How to create a checklist

Share checklists

You can share checklists with others to let several users complete the list of tasks together, or allow senior technicians / work leaders to prepare tasks for their teams. All team members can keep track of which tasks have been completed.

For some tasks it can be useful to add more states to a shared checklist (see above for how to do this), so the whole team can keep track of who has started on which task. It can also be used to keep track of which task has been completed in field, but has not yet been documented.

How to share checklists

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