About Cognite Operation Support

Cognite Operation Support runs on top of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), which collects, cleans and contextualizes all kinds of industrial data to make it accessible and meaningful for humans and machines.

Operation Support is available on any mobile device and via a desktop application. It anticipates the user´s needs and instantly supplies the right data in the right format for the task at hand.

Operation Support runs on different devices

While complex, digitalized organizations use all kinds of software solutions to improve operations, users in the field don’t need or want to know how many tools are at their disposal. They want to get their work done safely, quickly, and well. Operation Support integrates seamlessly with existing tools and systems, and give field workers access to all available resources through a single, secure login.

With Operation Support, field technicians and operators can efficiently plan and perform their tasks, spending less time behind a desk and more time performing and perfecting the skilled work they have been trained to do.

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Last Updated: 11/14/2019, 9:15:05 PM