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Document table

Asset Data Insight displays all documentation associated with an item in the asset hierarchy. To make it easier to navigate the documents, Asset Data Insight automatically groups them into categories.

The sections below describe how Asset Data Insight determines the categorization and the document names to display. If you need help changing the grouping, contact


This is how Asset Data Insight groups the documents into categories:

  1. First, check for a doc_type metadata field.

    If the field exists and the field value is specified in accordance with the Document Type Codes in the NORSOK Z-DP-002 standard, Asset Data Insight uses the value as the document's type category.

  2. Next, attempt to parse the filename by the NORSOK Z-DP-002 standard.

    If Asset Data Insight can parse the filename, it extracts the document category from the filename.

  3. Otherwise, the category is unknown.

Category titles

This is how Asset Data Insight determines the titles of the categories:

  1. Check if the value is specified by the Document Type Codes in the NORSOK Z-DP-002 standard.

    • If the value is specified in the NORSOK Z-DP-002 standard, map to the specified value. For example, doc_type: XB is categorized as "P&ID".
    • Otherwise, Asset Data Insight uses the value as the category title. For example, doc_type: Sketch is categorized as "Sketch".

Category order

Asset Data Insight displays the categories in alphabetic order.

Document name

This is how Asset Data Insight determines the document name to display:

  1. First, check for a doc_title metadata field.

    If the field exists, use the value as the document name.

  2. Next, check for a title metadata field.

    If the field exists, use the value as the document name.

  3. Otherwise, use the filename as the document name.

The NORSOK Z-DP-002 Standard

Below is the full list of Document Type Codes and related Categories as defined by the NORSOK Z-DP-002 standard.

Document Type CodeDocument Type Category
ABAdministration (Project management)
AFTemplates – used by contractor (not economic documentation)
CAAnalysis tests and calculations
DSData sheets
FAProject manual e.g. principal decisions
FBProject strategy
FDProject design criteria
FEEngineering query
FQConcession requests
GAAuthorities documentation
HAHazop actions.
IRInterface report
KHCommissioning procedures
KYSystem operation procedures
KZSystem description
LALists registers and indexes
LCUser manual content lists
LDSupplier master document/information registers
LFLegends and typical
MAEquipment user manual including technical descriptions
MBOperation and maintenance instructions/manuals
MCParts and Spare parts lists
MGEquipment handling instructions
MHLubrication schedules
MZOverall Life Cycle Information (LCI)
OTTraining Documentation Course Material
QATechnical Query
SISite instructions
SQSite Query
PAPurchase order
PBBlanket order and frame agreements
PCCall off orders
PJMaterial handling reports
PECommercial Bid Evaluation for Budget Inquiry
PKOver shortage and damage reports
PG(Hold) Appendix E Technical Requisition
PHTechnical Bid Evaluation
PMEvaluation Matrix
PNInquiry Documents (Procurement)
POBid Opening and Shortlisting Report
PRRecommendation for Award
PSPackage Procurement Strategy
PVPre-Qualification Questionnaire
PQInvitation to Tender (Budget)
PXBudget Inquiry
PZTechnical Bid Evaluation for Budget Inquiry
PLDisputed variation order
RAReports – not covered by other codes
RBRisk analysis reports
RCNon-conformance reports
RDSystem and design reports
REDesign Fabrication Installation-resumes
RFVerification reports
RGApplication for Deviation
RHDeviation report
RKApplication for Exemption (Deviation require authority approval)
RSStudies Reports
SAStandards (amendment to Norsok)
SPSpecifications - not covered by other codes
TAPlans and schedules
TBWork plans
TDCable and cable transit schedules
TFWork packages
TGSpring schedules
VAManufacturing and verifying document including material traceability weld and Non- Destructive Examination (NDE) doc third party verification and also photos of submerged structures and equipment.
VDFabrication records (see DN02-DN-Z-KA-0003 ch 5.152)
VMMechanical completion and commissioning dossiers
WMInspection and maintenance isometrics
WNInspection videos
XAFlow diagrams
XDGeneral arrangements
XELayout drawings
XFLocation drawings and plot plans
XGStructural information including main structural steel second/outfitting steel structural fire protection and acoustic/thermal insulation and fire protection
XHFree span calculations structural information secondary steel
XISystem topology block diagrams and SCD
XJSingle line diagrams
XKCircuit diagrams
XLLogic diagrams
XMLevel diagrams
XNIsometric drawings including fabrication heat tracing. NOTE: This code is replaced by codes starting with "Y". Drawings already issued with code "XN" may not be reissued.
XOPipe supports
XPTermination drawings for external connections
XQPneumatic/hydraulic connection drawings
XRCause and effects
XSDetail cross sectional drawings
XTWiring diagrams
XULoop diagrams
XVStructural information outfitting steel
XWStress isometric
XXMiscellaneous drawings
XYHook up drawings
XZMaterial Selection Datasheet (MSD)
YADesign isometric
YBFabrication isometric
YCHeat trace isometric
YDNodal diagram
ZAEDP-documentation general
ZBSoftware documentation
ZCSystem documentation
ZEGraphical reports from 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) models
ZF3D CAD view models