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Clickable P&IDs

Only P&IDs in the required SVG file format display as clickable P&IDs in Operational Intelligence.

Equipment overviews

Changing equipment type properties

Only white-listed users can add, edit, and remove properties for an equipment type from the Properties page.

Viewing typed equipment in an equipment overview

Assets must have at least one contextualized property to show up on equipment overviews. You can contextualize an asset's properties via scaled boards.

Embed external dashboards from Power BI or Grafana


To embed external dashboards from Grafana, you need to set cookie-samesite to none in your organization's Grafana settings. Please contact your organization's IT support to request this change.

Power BI

  • To retrieve the embed URL, select File > Embed.
  • To share the report with other members of your organization, ensure that you have given them view permission from the Share menu. View permissions are set in the Power BI service.

For more information, see How to embed a Power BI report in a secure portal or website.

Last Updated: 11/14/2019, 4:43:43 PM