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Explore and investigate

When you investigate a piece of equipment or a system, you usually need access to many different types of data.

Traditionally, users view equipment details in one system, documents in another system, sensor values in another system, and maintenance history in yet another system.

Asset Data Insight speeds up these workflows and lets you view all this data in one place.

Search for assets, documents, and time series

Select Search in the navigation menu to open up global search, where you can search for any assets, documents, and time series in CDF.

Find specific assets or systems

Select Data Explorer in the navigation menu to navigate the asset hierarchy or search for assets.

When you're searching, you can click the filter icon to filter your results by asset description or metadata.

Examine relevant data

Once you have selected an asset, you can examine documents, sensor values, maintenance history, a mini 3D model, and more for that asset.

Filter on relevant data

Once you are on an asset page, you can filter on that data to view what is most important to you.

You can access clickable P&IDs from the Documents page of an asset. The P&IDs highlight the asset that you are currently on, and let you navigate to other assets of interest.

You can star assets and asset boards for quick access.

From the home page or from the data explorer, you can also see your recently visited assets.