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What do I do if I need support?

Contact our Support team through the in-app chat or via

Which browsers can I use?

Currently, we recommend that you run Asset Data Insight in Google Chrome.

Where does the underlying data displayed in the application come from?

The asset information, sensor data, documents, event history, and 3D models are pulled from Cognite Data Fusion, which cleans and contextualizes data from many different source systems.

If you are missing data in this application, see time series with the wrong names, or documents linked to the wrong assets, it means that the data is missing or incorrectly represented in Cognite Data Fusion.

To troubleshoot this, we recommend that you contact the people in your organization responsible for the quality of data in Cognite Data Fusion.

The different dashboards, charts, infographics, etc. are generated by users.

How do I set the measurement unit for a tag?

You set the measurement unit when you create a time series in Cognite Data Fusion.

How can I submit feedback?

Use the feedback tool on the right-hand side of every page to submit feedback.

You can also select items on the screen to include in your feedback. On-screen text and personally-identifiable information is concealed from your feedback.