Versjon 4.8.0 - 10. februar 2020

Opprette sjekklister fra objektlister

Du kan nå opprette sjekklister fra objektlister på åpne arbeidsordre, eller legge til sjekklister som allerede er laget av kollegaene dine. (Denne funksjonen er bare tilgjengelig på installasjoner der arbeidsordre er aktivert).

Opprette sjekklister fra objektlister

Versjon 4.7.0 - 30 januar 2020

Arkivere flere sjekklister

Du kan nå arkivere flere sjekklister samtidig ved å først velge dem på siden med åpne sjekklister.

Arkivere flere sjekklister

Dupliserte elementer i sjekklister

Du kan nå legge til dupliserte elementer på sjekklister. Dupliserte tagger i sjekklister vises med nummerering foran tagg-ID-en, for eksempel (1), (2), osv. Du kan også se de dupliserte sjekkliste-elementene i 3D-visningen.

Dupliserte elementer i sjekklister

Resten av siden er deaktivert når du legger til elementer på en sjekkliste

Vi har deaktivert andre deler av siden for å hindre uønskede interaksjoner mens du legger til elementer på en sjekkliste.

Deaktivert side

Versjon 4.6.0 - 21. januar 2020

Rekkefølgen på oversiktsiden samsvarer med menyen

Vi har oppdatert rekkefølgen på oversiktsiden slik at den samsvarer med rekkefølgen på sidemenyen i applikasjonen.

Versjon 4.5.2 - 13. januar 2020

Kritiske rettinger

We fixed the recent issues with joining a checklist and the scanning features.

Versjon 4.5.0 - 8. januar 2020

Generere PDF basert på sjekkliste med lange titler

In this release, we fixed issues related to generating PDF files from checklists with long names.

Forbedret søk

We improved the accuracy of search results. Now, you can search assets with both tag name and description. The exact match will appear on top results no matter if you typed it with or without dashes.

Improved search

Versjon 4.4.0 - 11.desember 2019

Arkiverte sjekklister

Select "View All Checklist" to navigate to a new page where you can find all your archived and open checklists. You can restore your archived checklists or remove them permanently

Archived checklists

Forbedret opplevelse av sjekkliste-elementer i 3D

By simplifying the steps for editing states of checklist items and adding comments, we improved the overall experience of checklists on 3D. Now, you can add comments or edit state with a few clicks.

Versjon 4.3.0 - 3. desember 2019

Øyeblikkelig tilgang til lokasjon

On the tag overview page, you can see where the tag is located on the plant. Clicking "View 3D Model" still takes you directly to the detailed 3D model where you can see the detailed surroundings of the tag.

3D area overview

This is now available for selected plants only. We are working on enabling this for more plants.

Versjon 4.2.0 - 26. november 2019

Rettet bug for PDF-dokumenter som ikke åpnes korrekt på telefon

We have fixed a bug where PDF documents did not open correctly. Clicking on a document now opens the file in your default PDF viewer. We recommend that plants that use digital redline markups in PDFs set Adobe Acrobat as the default PDF viewer to make sure that all redlines display correctly.

Rettet bug for interaktive P&ID-er som fikk appen til å krasje

We have also fixed the bug that caused some P&IDs to crash the application. The cause was a small problem related to certain highlighted tags in the P&IDs, which should now not occur any more.

Versjon 4.1.0 - 19. november 2019

Se fullt tagg-navn og beskrivelse i overskrift

On the mobile version, you can now click the header to see the full tag name and description.

Tag header

Nye hjelpesider

We've redesigned the help section with a new menu structure and replaced the in-app help sections with links to the online help pages. This gives you more up-to-date help directly from the app and allows us to communicate the updates in a richer way (more images and videos).

New help section

Versjon 4.0.0 - 7. november 2019


Lube oil data is now included in the properties section, and you can easily find information about which lube oil and what quantity to use for an asset. Navigate to an asset (typically pumps, motors, gearboxes), click "Properties", and scroll down to the lube oil section.

Lube oil data

Versjon 3.0.0 - 6. november 2019

Arbeidsordre og utstyrshistorikk

Big news: we've added work order and equipment history information to each tag. Navigate to a tag and click the "Work orders" or "Equipment history" tabs to see if there is any work planned, or how previous problems have been solved. The object list and operations section of work orders is coming soon!

Work orders and Equipment history

This feature is only available for selected plants for the time being!

Versjon 2.12.0 - 21. oktober 2019

Gruppere sjekkliste per område

We´ve added the ability to group checklists by area. Click the context menu and select "Group list by area." If you change your mind, click the "Ungroup by area" to revert the list to the original order. This feature is only available for plants where area code is enabled.

Group checklists by area

Versjon 2.11.0 - 15. oktober 2019

Forbedret brukergrensesnitt for sjekklister

We've made significant changes to the design of checklists on mobile, to add more space for the actual lists. Also, we have reorganized the menu pop-ups and changed the flows for adding comments and adding and deleting checklist items, so that you don't have to scroll to the top to confirm.

Improved checklist items

Rettet bug for søkeboks som ikke blir borte

We have fixed a bug on the desktop version where the search dropdown didn't go away unless you completed a search or clicked a search result.

Versjon 2.10.0 - 2. oktober 2019

Se sjekkliste-elementer i 3D på telefon

We are delighted to release a significant update to the 3D viewer on mobile devices! A common request has been to be able to see other checklist items in your current surroundings. With our latest software version, when you view a 3D model on a tag, you can now select a button to show all checklist items within your area.

All checklist items within the currently visible area have a small card. You can use this card to zoom to the tag and open up the checklist status and comments. You can also change the status and add comments to checklist items directly from the 3D view. When you set a checklist item to "completed", it is removed from the view, and only active items are visible.

Checklist items in 3D

Let us know what you think of the new features, and how we can improve them further.

Versjon 2.9.0 - 23. september 2019

Rettet bug for sjekkliste

We fixed a bug that made it complicated to add comments to checklist items. We are working hard on making the checklists a fantastic tool for you, and are releasing significant improvements in the coming weeks!"

Annullerte dokumenter

We've received feedback that including voided documents in Operation Support was confusing. We now hide all documents that are marked as voided in the document source systems from Operation Support.

Forbedret 3D på telefon

We have done a small upgrade on how we select objects to show in the 3D model on the phone (when we show only the area around the tag). You reported issues with certain objects being invisible, and we now handle this in a different way to make the resulting view less confusing.

Versjon 2.8.0 - 17. september 2019

We have now redesigned the documents page on each tag to make the documents easier to find. At the top, you will always find your 5 most recently viewed documents for this tag.

Recently viewed documents

Versjon 2.7.0 - 3. september 2019

We have completely redesigned the top bar and side menu. On the desktop: click the menu icon in the top left-hand corner to expand and see the descriptions for each item.

New side menu

We have also updated how elements load on the tag overview page to reduce the chance of clicking the wrong button.

Versjon 2.6.0 - 22. august 2019

Based on your feedback, we have redesigned the desktop search dropdown to accommodate long text fields. Happy searching!

Versjon 2.5.0 - 14. august 2019


We have redesigned the properties page, and you can now set your favorite properties to stay at the top of the page. The favorites are shared between tags, so you don't need to favorite the same properties for all tags.

New properties page

Mindre rettinger

We've removed unnecessary scroll bars from many sections and pages (showed up on Windows PCs only), fixed issues with trend charts that displayed aggregate values instead of raw values at some zoom levels, and many more.

Versjon 2.4.0 - 31. juli 2019


We've seen how intrusive the notifications could be in situations with varying WiFi quality, and have redesigned how the notifications work. Confirmations show as a small grey single-line message (for example, "checklist deleted"), while important issues show as full-width, horizontal bars.

New notifications


Uploading of images has been a massive success, with thousands of images uploaded so far. Pages with many high-quality images could cause the app to fail, but we have now improved the performance. We'll continue improving the performance in the coming releases.


When many users each had many checklists, the app would sometimes load slower. The app now loads with the same speed regardless of the number of checklists.

Versjon 2.3.1 - 15. juli 2019

Forbedret funksjon på scan

We've rolled out to customers and assets that have a very different tag and nameplate structures. To improve tag scanning, we have made a separate tag scanning workflow to better support these cases. This change does not affect tag scanning at plants where the functionality already worked well.

Versjon 2.3.0 - 9. juli 2019

Ny oppstartskjerm

We've introduced a new loading screen in line with Cognite brand identity.

Y-aksen på trend takler høye tall bedre

When a time series y-axis range had large numbers (typically 10.000 and higher), the charts could look cluttered. We are now displaying large numbers by shortening them to 10k for 10.000, and 1M for 1.000.000.

New loading screen and improved trend axes

Versjon 2.2.0 - 26. juni 2019

Advarsel sletting av sjekklister

We've received feedback that it was too easy to unintentionally delete checklists that others were still working on. You now get a warning if you try to delete a checklist that others could still be using. The logic remains the same: if you created a checklist, you can delete it, but that makes the checklist unavailable for others. If you did not create the checklist, you can not delete it (but you can choose to leave the checklist).

Administrere flere sjekklister

It is now easier to switch between multiple checklists on mobile devices. Click the checklist title to pull down a list of checklists and select the checklist you are looking for.

Versjon 2.1.0 - 11. juni 2019

Flere stadier på sjekkliste-elementer

Checklist items can now have multiple states. When you are collaborating with others about a checklist, you can, for example:

  • Use a "started" state to prevent others from starting on the same items.

  • Use multiple states to control progress (for example, "started", "started in field", "finished in field", "completed")

Multiple states in checklists

Versjon 1.37.0 - 22. mai 2019

Taggbeskrivelse i sjekklister

We've received feedback that checklist items were difficult to relate to without the description field. We've updated the way we show tags in checklists to include the tag description field.

Prefikser i sjekkliste-elementer

To make it easier to add tag-based checklists from certain other systems, you can now add checklist items with prefixes. For example, if your work management tool (e.g., SAP or Workmate) uses a prefix for each tag (MyPlant-21PT1019), you don't have to remove the prefix in Excel or other tools before you create a checklist. You can paste the tag list, including the prefixes, directly into the tag field.

Klikke på andre tagger i 3D-perspektiv

We have fixed an issue where it could be a problem identifying tags when clicking on another asset in the 3D view. It is now easier to click nearby tags and find out what the item is or navigate to the tag directly.

Sjekklister inkluderer ikke navnet på de som har huket av (kun desktop)

When you collaborate with others, it can be convenient to see who has performed each task. On the desktop, you can now see who checked an item and also when the item was checked. The information is also included when you export the checklist to PDF.

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