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This section shows all reports that can be used in Cognite Maintain. However, not all reports are available to all customers. Contact your Cognite representative if there are reports that you are missing, and would like to have enabled for your company.

You can use reports to improve the readiness, planning, and execution of a given scope. Each tab provides specific report data that can also be exported.

  • Scope details provides more information and progress status, such as S-curve
  • Materials visualizes the status on materials readiness
  • Execution displays the order types in your scope
  • Day by day shows activities on a daily basis with a table displaying the POB per deck level
  • Documentation lets you download scope related documents such as linewalk sheets and P&IDs
  • Equipment shows the status of equipment included in the scope, when the equipment will be used, and on what days most work will take place
  • Risks shows the risks per type. You can make a selection and get a resolution date.

Scope details

  • Presents the 5 top systems. You can hover to see the number of work hours and work orders for each system.

  • An S-curve visualization of the remaining work for any given scope gives you easily accessible analytics of the data.

    First, define a scope before you can access the curve. Under Report - Scope details. You can edit the filters later.

    You can toggle between hours and operations, and visualize the S curve accordingly.

    Click Setting to enter team composition in order to estimate the time needed to complete the scope.

  • All work orders shows the progress for individual work orders.

  • WO by priority displays the progress per work order type

  • Backlog reduction displays work orders in your scope that contribute to reduce the backlog

  • All documents can be downloaded

Scope details


This report presents an overall material status report across your scope. You can quickly identify potential issues regarding material readiness, and you may apply sub filters on your current scope. You can download the report as an excel file, including the status table.


Click on a work order in the list to see details of the material and status.



This section shows the order type of the work orders in your scope, both in the overview chart, and the list. Click + to add more filters and update your scope.

Execution report


Under Report you can see your activities on a day-by-day basis, based on the scope you have chosen. First you are presented with the work orders that are either due to start or be in progress on that day, as well as a table displaying the POB per deck level.

Day-by-day report


You can download ZIP-files of P&IDs and other document types available for your scope. Click the document title to download the PDF file bundled into one ZIP-file. You can also select multiple downloads by using the Select multiple button at the top of the section.


You can also search for work orders or documents. Start typing the name of the document or work order and the result will be displayed as you type.



You can see the status of the equipment included in your scope, over which period in time it will be used, and on what days most work will take place. See:

  • To do / In progress work orders on that asset
  • Work-hours
  • Operations
  • Risks that will be resolved

In addition to the list of all work orders and their progress, a chart displaying work done on the asset over time is also included.

Equipment report


Risks presents all your risks across the platform according to risk type. The risks are sorted by level under Top risks, System, and Deck level. The report is available as an Excel file.

Risks report