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About Discover

Cognite Discover

Access all your subsurface data from a single, secure location.

About Discover

Cognite Discover runs on top of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) which collects and contextualizes data from a wide range of sources.

Discover integrates with existing subsurface tools and systems, which means you can access all available resources through a single, secure login. Find and explore structured data, such as seismic data, well data, and geospatial data, or unstructured data from documents, images, reports, and spreadsheets using keywords or geographical references. Discover uses advanced machine learning algorithms to search and classify vast amounts of data, giving you quick and precise results.

Inspect and analyze your findings and preview documents, seismic traces, and well data, including trajectories, casings, NPT data, and drilling logs within the application.

Navigate around the 2D world map, populated with cultural data, like oil and gas license blocks, fields, and NPD wells. Draw a polygon on the map to view all documents, seismic data, and wells included in the polygon area.

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