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Proper planning is crucial to manage the application lifecycle and move toward a predictable, repeatable, high-quality implementation of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF).

We recommend using an iterative process to implement CDF, integrate data, and build your solutions. The approach focuses on continuous feedback to alter and add deliverables to the project as your organization develops a deeper understanding of your business and solution needs.

For example, when you have defined the requirements for one integration, developers can begin working on that integration even if other integrations are still in a requirements-gathering phase.

We typically separate the projects into sprints with a defined duration (usually one or two weeks). Each sprint has a set of deliverables that the project team commits to finishing during the sprint.

Every sprint also includes feedback and validation to detect potential issues early. The sprints help you gain more knowledge through repetition and create your solutions with more confidence.

This course helps you capture your goals, track your setup checklist, and find Cognite resources to help fast-track your CDF implementation. It will also help you decide the level of involvement you expect from Cognite or our partners to implement CDF, or if you want to implement CDF on your own.