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Early adopter / Beta

The features described in this section are currently in beta testing and are subject to change.

The features are only available to customers via our Early Adopter program. For more information and to sign up, visit the Industrial data group on the Cognite Hub.

  1. Navigate to the new Search experience from the banner on the CDF homepage.

  2. Enter your query in the Search field and press Enter or use the Cognite Copilot to find data.

    The search results include all directly linked items that match your query. For instance, if you enter the prefix for a pump ID, you'll also find the associated assets, documents, sensor data, and engineering diagrams.

  3. On the search results page:

    • Use the left sidebar to filter the search results by category.
    • For each category, use the Filters button to refine the results.
    • Hover over an item for a quick preview. Then select Open for a more detailed view.
    • Select ... and then Open in Charts to analyze and trend time series, or Open in industrial canvas to visualize and explore data, leave comments, and mention people to collaborate with your coworkers.
  4. Select an item to open the search details page.

    Search page

    For text files, you can use Copilot  to find or summarize information.

Search in 3D models

Explore 3D models of physical assets, such as rigs or locations. For instance, to plan work, you can filter work orders based on status, see where the work order equipment is placed, and investigate the surroundings.

Select Browse 3D to open the 3D model. If you don't see the Browse 3D button, there's no 3D model available for the asset.

  • View the 3D model from different angels with these options in the top bar:

    • Orbit mode: Rotate around objects to see all sides.

    • Fly mode: Look around the exterior or interior of a closed room.

    • Move instantly to any spot by double-clicking anywhere in the 3D model.

    • Select help ( ) in the toolbar for instructions on navigating in a 3D model.

  • From the side panel, you can filter all 3D objects within a 3D model and the data directly linked to the 3D object, such as work orders and sensor data. The 3D objects are highlighted in the model and have a preview card with directly linked items.

  • On the preview card, you can open directly linked files, such as engineering diagrams, and see a file preview on top of the 3D object.

  • From the menu bar, you'll find a measuring tool, which can be useful if you're setting up scaffolds, and a slicing tool to unveil 3D objects, such as buildings with walls and roofs.


Copy a link to the exact position in the 3D model to share with a colleague or save for quick access.

Use Cognite Copilot

Cognite Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps you get to the data you need. On the Search page, use Copilot to:

  • Find data by entering a question in the Search field and selecting Search with Copilot. Copilot identifies relevant categories and applies filters to the search results. You can modify the filters or select a different category to adjust the results.

    AI query
  • Find and summarize information by selecting the Copilot icon within a text document.

    AI query

Tips for asking questions to Copilot

  • Be specific and avoid using many constraints in the same question.

  • If you don't get any results, simplify your query or select Configure to fine-tune or add new filters Copilot uses.

  • Ask about aggregated data, such as work orders per program completed this year, to see a bar chart with the numbers.

  • Copilot understands synonyms. For instance, questions about notifications also return results about alerts.

  • Copilot's answers depend on the data that's ingested into CDF. Here's some examples of how to ask questions:

    Help me find work orders due this week

    Help me find severe notifications that occurred yesterday

Not finding what you're looking for?

The search results depend on how the data has been ingested and connected in CDF, and you'll only see items that are directly linked to each other. Select Explore > Data Explorer to drill into all linked and related data.

Make sure you've selected the correct location for your search, and check with your internal help desk or the CDF admin to verify that you have access to the data you want to find.

Select location