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Deprecated and retired features in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF)

The announcements and deprecations described in this article apply to Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). Admins and IT professionals can use this information to prepare for future releases.


We use these terms to describe the status of a feature or functionality:

  • Deprecated: We no longer actively develop a feature or functionality and will remove it in a future release.
  • End of support: We no longer offer support and servicing for a product.
  • Retired: We remove a feature or functionality after it has been deprecated. It's no longer available for use.
  • Replace a feature: We replace a feature or functionality with a different feature or functionality.

Deprecated and retired features and functionality

FeatureDeprecated dateRetired dateDetails and mitigations (actions required by you)
Runtime for Cognite Functions on Google Cloud2024-04-232025-04-23A new runtime for Cognite Functions has been rolled out. Functions created before March 22, 2024 on a Google Cloud cluster will need to be re-created to continue using Cognite Functions.
Python 3.8 in Cognite Functions2024-03-112024-10-01Update the Python runtime to version 3.11 or later to continue using Cognite Functions.
Documentum extractor2024-04-022024-04-02The Cognite File extractor can now connect to OpenText Documentum and OpenText Documentum D2. We encourage users to update to the File Extractor as we'll discontinue downloads of the Documentum Extractor. Already installed Documentum extractors will continue to run.
Cognite Discover2023-11-102023-12-31Note that the Well Data Layer (WDL), including the Python and JavaScript SDKs, was retired with Discover. Document Search has been integrated into Data Explorer.
Automatic Identification and Reporting (AIR)2023-10-062023-12-31The core functionality of AIR has been integrated into Charts.
Asset Data Insight (ADI)2023-10-052023-12-31Asset Data Insight (ADI) has not seen active development since May 2020.

Cognite Charts, Industrial Canvas, and Data Explorer are available through to replace the key ADI workflows.
Cognite Remote2023-09-01Target:
Starting September 1, 2023, we'll no longer develop new features for Cognite Remote.

No actions necessary.
Using reserved group names, transformations and jetfire, to access transformationsAugust, 2023TBDNo actions necessary, but we recommend that you move away from using the reserved group names to give access to transformations.
Data quality monitoringMarch, 20232023-05-01No actions necessary.
DirectQuery in the Power BI PostgreSQL connector (Early Adopter program)2023-05-01No actions necessary.
Playground API2023-03-082023-06-01If you have any questions or issues moving to API v1, contact
InField (old version)2023-02-01Target: 2024-12-31Since February 1, 2023, we've stopped developing new features for this version of InField. We'll gradually retire the app for all users when all data is migrated to the new version.

You can already use InField (new version) with improved and extended features.
Authentication via CDF service accounts and API keys, and user sign-in via /login2021-04-062023-02-20
CDF API v0.5, v0.6July, 20192021-03-22