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Plan and prepare

We typically separate projects into sprints with a defined duration (usually two or three weeks). Each sprint has a set of deliverables that the project team commits to finishing during the sprint.

Every sprint also includes feedback and validation to detect potential issues early. The sprints help you gain more knowledge through repetition and create your solutions with more confidence.

We typically use an Agile methodology when delivering but this is not an absolute requirement. The most important thing it being able to deploy to production environment at least every other week.

Preparing for implementation

At the start of every implementation project, we set aside time to do the groundwork to prepare for the implementation. During this period, we work with you to complete these tasks:

Register your CDF organization in the relevant cloud service.Cognite
Create the agreed CDF projects.Cognite
Allowlist URLs to load user interfaces correctly.Customer
Identify data sources and plan data integration, for example, which extractors to install, and the server requirements for them.Cognite/customer
Establish DevOps processes, for example, define a CI/CD plan and set up code review processes.Cognite/customer
Establish development and source control processes, for example, how to set up and work with GitHub.Cognite/customer
Configure access management.Cognite/customer