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Limits and restrictions

Data workflows service limitations

The tabular column and list below outline the technical specifications and limits of the data workflows service.

NameLimit per CDF project
Workflow definitions500
Total number in a single workflow execution, including tasks generated by dynamic tasks100
Concurrent workflow executions50
Concurrent workflow task executions50
Task input/output size0.2 MB

Task input/output size limit applies to the input and output of a workflow task. The process triggered by a workflow task (for example, a Cognite Function) might have a different set of limits for parameters and inputs.

  • Dynamic tasks cannot include new dynamic tasks or subworkflow tasks.
  • Subworkflow tasks cannot include dynamic tasks or new subworkflow tasks.
  • The maximum duration of a workflow execution is 24 hours.
  • Workflow execution data is stored for three months, except if the total size of the execution payload exceeds 20MB.