# 2D view

When you view a work order on the 3D model, you can easily switch to 2D to see the P&ID.

  • Click 3D view and select 2D view. The work orders included in your scope are highlighted.
  • To go back to 3D view: Click on a piece of equipment in the P&ID, and you go to that location in 3D view.

The image displays a contextualized P&ID document where equipent that are clickable are highlighted

# Functionalities

Use your touchpad or mouse to navigate in 2D view. To zoom in, scroll while focusing on the area you want to zoom in.

To search for other P&IDs, start typing the document reference and the result will be displayed as you type. The image displays how to search for other documents by starting to type its title in the search box

# Generate scope list

Click + to generate a new list of work orders in the displayed P&ID.

# Download

Click Download to download the mark-up P&ID.

# Hide from document

Click More options icon next to the list title and select Hide from 3D model

The image displays how to hide work orders in the P&ID document

Last Updated: 4/30/2021, 11:36:19 AM