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Frequently asked questions

How can I find information about a tag?

Click the scan button to take a picture of the tag nameplate and show all information about the tag.

You can also use the search button to type in a tag name or description.

Find info about a tag

What kind of information can I find?

You can find the following:

  • Work order data
  • Equipment details
  • Documents
  • Trends
  • Images and comments
  • 3D models
  • Measurement readings

Can I store images on a tag?

Yes, you can add images and comments on a tag, such as equipment faults, leakages, and access to equipment.

What are the checklists for, and how can I use them?

You can use checklists for simple to-do lists for your field execution tasks. You create checklists from the object list on a work order or from a checklist template for routine rounds. You can also manually create a checklist to keep track of your own to-dos. You can see the checklist items both in 3D and in interactive P&IDs.

Why are my changes to a checklist template not displayed?

If you create a checklist from a template, you won't see any template changes immediately in the checklist. You'll see the changes in the checklist created in the first calendar week following the template update.

Which browsers can I use?

Currently, you should use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. You can use other browsers, but these may not display content correctly.

The time series are typically integrated into Cognite Data Fusion from your plant historian. The freshness of the data in InField depends on the plant historian's update frequency and performance, plus a slight transmission lag, typically from 0.5 sec to 1 sec. The time delay is always visible in the display, as illustrated here.

If you have high-frequency or real-time sensor data, contact your control system operators.

Can I activate or deactivate a work permit from here?

No, there is currently no way for you to activate or deactivate work permits from within InField.

How do I navigate in a 3D model?

Use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate in the 3D model on desktop:

Press this key:To do this:
WMove forward
SMove backward
AMove left
DMove right
Arrow upLook upwards
Arrow downLook downwards
Arrow rightLook right
Arrow leftLook left

Use these mouse shortcuts to navigate in the 3D model on a mobile device:

Mobile navigation

Why are there many highlighted objects in an interactive P&ID file?

You can click all highlighted objects in the interactive P&ID files to get more information. These are different types of links:

Colors on P&IDs

Why is the 3D view greyed out on some tags?

A greyed-out 3D view means the tag isn't available as a separate object in the 3D model. Possible reasons:

  • The tag isn't included in the 3D model.

  • The containing skid is modeled as one object, with no indication of individual equipment (can typically occur with 3rd party skids/packages).

  • The contextualization hasn't matched 3D objects with assets. If you suspect this is the reason, contact Cognite support.

What should I do if I find information that's wrong or missing?

Send a link to the page where you think information is missing (for example, missing documents and time series) and a brief description. To get in touch, contact Cognite support.