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With Scene, the 3D users can see all the 3D data related to one physical location in one view.

You can create a scene by adding all the 3D data available for a location into one space and aligning the different models to position them correctly in the physical space. Viewing the different 3D content in one scene will give the user a richer context and understanding of the physical conditions of their location.

You can also add a skybox and a ground plane to the scene. This will make it easier to read the depth and perceive the contrast of the scene.

Before you start

  • Make sure you create and set up a data model the first time you create a scene for your project.
  • You must upload and process all the 3D data you want to add to your scene. For more information, see upload 3D models.

You need to configure a scene to use 3D in search. For more information, see Search in 3D.

Create a scene

  1. Navigate to Data management > Configure > 3D.

  2. Switch to Configure scenes > + Create scene.

  3. Name the scene and add a description.

  4. Optional. Select the physical location of the scene by moving the pin.

  5. Select Create scene.

You have created a scene.

Configure a scene

  1. To configure your scene and select the 3D resources you want to add to the scene, select + Add 3D data. 3D resources can be CAD, point cloud, or 360 images. Use the search box to find an existing 3D resource and select Add.
Add 3D file to scene
  1. Select the added 3D resource. Adjust the model's position in the x, y, and z directions. You can adjust the rotation and scale of the model.

  2. Switch to the Environment tab and select the texture you want to use for the 3D resource.

Textures can be skyboxes and ground planes. You can add existing images or upload images to use for the 3D resource by selecting Add custom.

  • Select the Skybox you want for the selected 3D resource.

  • Select the Ground texture you want for the selected 3D resource.

    Ground plane and skybox

You can view the 3D model from different angles using the options in the top bar within a scene:

  • Use the Orbit mode to rotate around the objects to view all the sides.

  • Select the Fly mode to closely view the interior and exterior of any closed model.

  • Double-click anywhere in the 3D model to move instantly.

Select the Distance measuring tool Distance measuring tool icon icon to measure the distance between any two points in the scene.

Use the Settings Settings icon icon to turn on or off high fidelity.

  1. Once you're done, switch to the Camera tab to configure the camera settings. The camera position is the view a user gets when they enter a scene. Use the point tool to select a camera position and then Set camera position.

  2. To create a thumbnail for the scene, select Set thumbnail and select Upload. Once you upload the thumbnail, select Publish to publish the scene to the project.

You have published the scene to the project.