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What's new in InField

This article documents the ongoing releases of Cognite InField features.

October 2023


The features become available on October xxx, 2023.


  • Offline mode. Complete operator rounds and work orders without network connectivity.
    Open the checklist on your mobile device before performing tasks, and if you go offline, you can still complete your tasks but with limitations. When offline, you can't access asset explorer, upload media, and create observations.


  • Reading label mapping. Map the reading label to the task state when creating custom readings.
    The task will be automatically set to the state mapped with the reading label when . Template builders working with "custom labels," can now map custom labels directly to task states (e.g., OK, Not OK) to simplify field operator interactions. When you've defined the task state mapping, tasks will automatically be set to "OK" or "Not OK" based on the user's checklist input. If any custom label mapped to "Not OK" is chosen, the task will be automatically marked as "Not OK."
  • Search. Find exact matches of a resource or use one of your earlier searches.
    The search function saves previous requests to avoid retyping them and highlights the exact match of the resource you are looking for. Highlight exact matches: Now, when you search for a resource, the results will highlight exact matches, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Search memory: The search function will remember your previous searches, eliminating the need to re-type your search query when moving back and forth. This enhancement simplifies your workflow and saves you time by maintaining a record of your search history.
  • Task description. Provide a description or a step-by-step instruction for the task.
    Make tasks clearer by providing a detailed task description along with a short one. Field workers can follow the instructions when working on a checklist.

LImited availability - August 2023


  • Templates

    • Plan activities to complete work orders, conduct operator rounds, or performing maintenance procedures.
    • Add measurement readings to tasks for the field workers to add these readings from equipment.
    • Set task intervals to open checklists automatically on the selected days at a specific time.
    • Create custom labels to add extra labels to the task.
    • Group tasks based on the assets location, work shifts, etc.
    • Open templates in the Ready status as checklists manually.
  • Overview

    • View all planned activities divided into maintenance work and routine rounds.
    • Assign the planned activities to a group of users, such as all electricians, or directly to specific users.
    • Suggest a start and end date for each activity to help sort activities.
  • Checklists

    • Complete the tasks and capture measurements, images, and videos when working.
    • Create an asset observation if an asset requires a closer look due to malfunction by filling out the Observations form.
    • Search for the asset or select an asset ID displayed as a blue link to see information linked to an asset, such as 3D images, documents, time series, or other assets.
  • Observations

    • View the details of all asset observations. Available in the desktop version only. -->