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What's new in InField

LImited availability - August 2023


  • Templates

    • Plan activities to complete work orders, conduct operator rounds, or performing maintenance procedures.
    • Add measurement readings to tasks for the field workers to add these readings from equipment.
    • Set task intervals to open checklists automatically on the selected days at a specific time.
    • Create custom labels to add extra labels to the task.
    • Group tasks based on the assets location, work shifts, etc.
    • Open templates in the Ready status as checklists manually.
  • Overview

    • View all planned activities divided into maintenance work and routine rounds.
    • Assign the planned activities to a group of users, such as all electricians, or directly to specific users.
    • Suggest a start and end date for each activity to help sort activities.
  • Checklists

    • Complete the tasks and capture measurements, images, and videos when working.
    • Create an asset observation if an asset requires a closer look due to malfunction by filling out the Observations form.
    • Search for the asset or select an asset ID displayed as a blue link to see information linked to an asset, such as 3D images, documents, time series, or other assets.
  • Observations

    • View the details of all asset observations. Available in the desktop version only.