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Plan, schedule, and assign activities

To sign in to Cognite InField, navigate to

On the Overview tab, you'll see all planned activities divided into maintenance work and operator rounds. You assign the planned activities to a group of users, such as all electricians, or directly to specific users. Also, you can suggest a start and end date for each activity, but these are only used for sorting.

When you're done planning, you create checklists from the activities. The field workers use these when they perform work. For work orders, you create the checklists by clicking Create & assign under Maintenance. For other activities, you generate checklists from the Templates tab and setting the status to Ready.

Use the Templates tab to plan activities that the field workers perform at regular intervals, such as daily and weekly installation operator rounds. On the Templates tab, you can:

  • Populate a template with fields for adding readings, intervals, and custom labels.
  • Instruct InField to open daily checklists for selected disciplines and users.
  • Group items that belong together based on asset location, work shifts, etc. For example, assets 1 and 4 belong to the Area A group, assets 2 and 3 belong to the Area B group.
  • For recurring activities, such as operator rounds, generate identical checklists from templates for every interval you want the field workers to perform the tasks.

When creating a template, keep in mind that one template has a limit of 500 tasks. However, to make it easy for the field worker to navigate them in the field, keep them as short as possible.

Open checklists

For the users to see planned activities, you can open checklists in two ways:

  • Manually. On the Overview or Templates tab, select Create checklist, suggest start and end date, and confirm the creation. The dates are used for sorting only.
  • Automatically. On the Templates tab, create a task and add task intervals: Add to task > Task intervals. The checklist appears automatically according to the schedule. The initial start time is 6 AM in the computer's local time zone. You can change the start time to half-hour intervals.

As the field workers complete the tasks on a checklist, they update the status and add relevant images, measurements, and observations.


You need extended access to plan and schedule, and you need to assign activities using InField on a computer (not a mobile device.)

Track and complete activities

You'll find the status of all activities on the Overview tab, where you can switch between maintenance work and operator rounds, sort the columns, and select relevant dates. To set the status for a checklist or work order, select the item and then select Set status.

You can't update checklists or work orders with the status Done. However, extended access lets you change the status to "In progress" and update the checklist.

Create templates

  1. Navigate to the Templates tab and create a template.

  2. Add tasks and, optionally, link these to assets.

  3. Optional. Select Add to task and then select:

    • Numerical reading if you want the field workers to add measurement readings from equipment. You can set the measurement unit, for example, bar for pressure readings and minimum and maximum values.

    Cognite InField stores the measurements as time series in CDF, and you can trend and analyze the values using Charts.

    If you've removed a measurement reading from a checklist, it's still available as a time series.

    • Custom reading labels if you want to add extra labels to the task. For example, you can ask to select whether the valve is open or closed.
    • Task intervals if you want the checklist to open automatically on the selected days at a specific time. The initial start time is 6 AM in the computer's local time zone. You can change the start time to half-hour intervals.
  4. Set the checklist to Ready and select Create checklist. The checklist opens immediately.

Delete and restore templates and tasks

To delete a template, click More options () to the right of + Add task > Delete template.

If you delete a template, restore it from the Deleted list in the sidebar.

You can't restore a task that has been deleted from a template.

View asset observations

During the maintenance work and operator rounds, users can record an asset malfunction by creating an observation. On the Observations tab, you can view the details of all asset observations. Available using InField on a computer (not a mobile device.)