# Workmate - work orders and equipment history

You can access work orders and equipment history for a piece of equipment to quickly see previous work, reported issues, and problem resolutions for the equipment.

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# Copy object lists from Workmate

Navigate to an open work order, select object list on the top menu, see that there is a summary of the item count retrieved from Workmate. You can copy all the objects to a checklist automatically named with work order code. If there is a checklist already created from a colleague, you can join their checklist.

Copy objects to a checklist

# Access work orders for a tag

Scroll down the Overview page or use the left-hand navigation to see open and closed work orders for a tag. On the Overview page, you can only see open work orders, while on the Work order page, you can see both open and closed work orders. Select a work order to see more details about the work order and any related equipment history. For work orders with many tags, the list of equipment history can contain items for different tags.

Equipment history

# Access equipment history on a tag

In the left-hand menu, navigate to Equipment history to see the entire equipment history for a tag regardless of whether the history element is connected to a work order or not.

Equipment history

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