SAP - work orders and notifications

You can access work orders and notifications for a piece of equipment to quickly see previous work, reported issues, and problem resolutions for the equipment.

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Access work orders for a tag

Scroll down the Overview page or use the left-hand navigation to see open and closed work orders for a tag. On the Overview page, you can only see open work orders, while on the work order page, you can see both open and closed work orders. Select a work order to see more details about the work order.

access work orders

Copy objects to a checklist

Navigate to an open work order, select Objects on the top menu, see that there is a summary of the item count retrieved from SAP. You can copy all the objects to a checklist automatically named with work order code. If there is a checklist already created from a colleague, you can join to the checklist created.

Copy objects to a checklist

Access notifications for a tag

In the left-hand menu, navigate to Notifications to see the notifications sorted by creation date. Select a notification to see more details.


Last Updated: 5/12/2020, 12:01:29 PM