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Sign in to Cognite InField

To sign in to Cognite InField, navigate to How you sign in to InField depends on the setup for your organization. You can:

Sign in to InField using Microsoft Azure

Sign in with MS Azure

When you sign in using Microsoft Azure, your organization's identity provider governs the access.

  1. Select Sign in with Microsoft.
  2. Select the CDF cluster where your organization's Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) project is running.
  3. Select Continue to sign in with the credentials for your work account.

For some organizations, you need to approve the sign-in request using the established authentication method, for instance, the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Sign in to InField using the project name

Sign in with project name

When you sign in using the project name, the setup in CDF governs the access.

  1. Select Sign in with project name.
  2. Specify the CDF project name that InField runs on top of.
  3. Select Continue and sign in with your user credentials.

If you don't know what values to enter to sign in, contact your internal help desk or the InField admin for help. The InField admin is often the person who gave you the link to sign in to InField. If you can't find out who the InField admin is in your organization, contact


Currently, you should run InField in Google Chrome. You can download it from here.

Add InField to the home screen

On Android devices, you can save InField to the home screen for easy access. Navigate to the main page for your plant and click the three dots in the top right corner.

How to access InField

Install the InField app

You can install InField as an application on Android devices. Navigate to your company portal and search for InField to download and install the app. Sign in with your company ID and credentials to use the app.

How to install InField

Set up InField

See this guide if you're an admin who will set up and configure InField.