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With access to all documents in the field, you can easily check reference data during routine inspections or function testing, or when something unexpected occurs. There are two categories of documents available in InField: Interactive P&IDs (not available on all assets), and PDF documents.

Interactive P&IDs

Interactive P&IDs open directly within InField, and let you click on other tags or document links in the document. Use the back button on the phone or in the browser to get back to previous page.

When you navigate to a new document, the links to the previous document are highlighted in red to make it easier to follow the piping.

Interactive P&IDs

Tags that are in at least one checklist are automatically highlighted in the interactive P&IDs. This provides easy access to information in the field and you don't have to print documents and highlight tags manually.

Interactive P&IDs with checklist items

Because redlining is currently not visible in the Interactive view, you will be prompted whether you want to use the Interactive P&IDs or the normal PDF view when the document is in the Redline Markup state.

PDF documents

To get the best viewing experience for PDF documents, we recommend that you install Adobe Reader and set it as the default PDF viewer on your devices. When you click a document link in InField, the document will open directly in Adobe Reader.

You can see redlines that have been made electronically, and you can write comments (using keyboard or speech), draw on and print the document. You can also email/share your edited copy of the document with others while you're in the field.

PDF documents