# Checklists

You can use checklists to create simple to-do lists in the field or efficiently prepare work from the office. Each checklist item can contain either text or tag links to have easy access to tag information in the field. The checklists can be based on

  • objects imported from your work management application, such as SAP or WorkMate. This gives efficient access to information about all of the inserted tags in the field.
  • templates predefined with items to be done during a shift. This is especially useful for daily, weekly, or monthly routine rounds on installations.

In this article:

# Create a checklist

You can create checklists directly from the InField home page or you can copy all the objects in a work order to a checklist.

How to create a checklist

# Use checklists

How to use a checklist

# Share checklists

You can share checklists with others to let several users complete the list of tasks together, or allow senior technicians / work leaders to prepare tasks for their teams. All team members can keep track of which tasks have been completed.

For some tasks it can be useful to add more states to a shared checklist (see above for how to do this), so the whole team can keep track of who has started which task. It can also be used to keep track of which task has been completed in field, but has not yet been documented.

How to share checklists

# Group checklist items by area

How to group checklist items

# Work with checklists in offline mode

Offline mode

You can use checklists without a network connection on a mobile device. Select Offline mode on the More options button (...) on the Checklist page while still on a network to enable this functionality. Note that the checklist will only be available on the device you download from.

Checklists in offline mode display small 3D models, the last added trend value, properties, and the document categories you select during the download process. Work orders and images are not available in offline mode.

The changes you make while in offline mode are synchronized when the device is reconnected to a network. Note that you can hide the page with the changes while in offline mode, but no changes are kept if you close the page or the browser with InField.

# Archive/restore checklists

You can archive checklists that are not in use. Select View All Checklists in the dropdown menu to browse, restore or permanently remove open or archived checklists.

Archived checklists

# See checklist items in 3D

On the mobile, you can select the checklist button at the bottom of the screen to see other checklist items in your immediate surroundings. InField searches for items in your checklist within the currently visible area in the 3D model. You can quickly check off or comment on items directly from the 3D view, without having to go back to the checklist page.

See checklist items in 3D

# See checklist items in interactive P&IDs

Checklist items in P&IDs

# Use checklists to document work in a work management system

To document that the work is completed, you can download a PDF version of the checklist. In addition to checklist comments, the PDF contains information about who set each checklist to the final state and at what time. You can upload the PDF document as an attachment to the work order in SAP, Workmate, IFS, or similar tools.

Download PDF exports of checklist

# Create checklist templates for routine rounds

With additional access rights, you can easily create new templates for checklists that are especially useful for daily, weekly, and monthly routine rounds. Use InField on a desktop for this functionality.

Note these useful text layout tips for the template items:

Template Report

  • Type some text and then insert a column. This text will be in bold format.
  • Tag IDs and asset names are colored blue and linked to the tag or asset.
  • Click Shift + Enter to insert a line break.

Create templates

# Advanced scheduling of routine rounds

Advanced scheduling list

Not all routine rounds are performed weekly. With the Advanced scheduling option, you can create templates for rounds made every 2, 3, or 4 weeks. When a checklist element has been created, you'll find this option in the shift drop-down list.

Advanced scheduling

When a checklist is created from this template, the checklist elements are placed in the assigned weeks.

# Use checklists for routine rounds

Click Open checklist on the Home page and scroll down to a to-do list for routine rounds. These lists have the same name as the template they are based on and the week number for execution. Note that you cannot edit these lists.

Template checklist

# See historical reports for checklists based on templates

You can see the historical reports for a checklist that is created from a template.

Historical reports

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