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Understand security, reliability, and service availability

The article discusses the importance of security in protecting sensitive data for organizations. It also highlights the reliability of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) and the measures in place for high availability and disaster recovery. Additionally, it explains how service availability is continuously monitored and updated, and provides information on how to request data restoration.


Security is about protecting the data that your organization uses, stores, and transmits. This data might be sensitive data about customers, financial information, or critical line-of-business data for your organization.

Visit the Security article to understand the shared responsibility between you, Cognite, and the cloud service provider to secure and protect your data.

You'll also find links to information about how you can control access to your data and learn about our compliance certifactions.

Don't store client credentials or secrets in configuration files or source files. Instead, protect this information with GitHub secrets or Key Vaults.


Architecting for reliability ensures that Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) is available to end-users during incidents and quickly recovers from failures.

The Reliability article helps you understand how we've designed the Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) cloud components for high availability and has recommendations for configuring on-premises components, like extractors.

You'll also learn about our setup for disaster recovery, redundancy, and incident handling.

Service availability

We continuously release software updates and perform maintenance to keep services running smoothly and measure the availability and performance metrics on specific tenants or CDF clusters per month.

The Availability and business continuity article explains how we measure availability and performance, and details our backup frequency and retention for each resource type. You'll also find information about how to request data to be restored.