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What's new in Cognite Discover

This article documents the ongoing releases of Cognite Discover features.

Version 1.38.0 - March 20, 2023


  • In the Stick Chart Viewer:

    • Correct management of casing elements for the side tracks:

      • Casing elements of shallow tracks are now displayed with the deeper side track.
      • The depth range for the casing display is common to all the side tracks.
      • Some data have been checked for casing elements as liners in order to be correctly displayed.
    • The trajectory track:

      • Presents the display of the inclination values at the casing shoe depths.
      • Shows the North-South vs. East-West views.
    • Improved display of the datum value and its reference at the top left in the casing track.

    • Correction of the overlap of the sub-menu for events.

    • Updated labels for:

      • The Formation Integration Test (FIT) and Leak Off Test (LOT) track.
      • The Event depth information
  • In the Trajectory Viewer, views with the same distance intervals for horizontal and vertical axes for East-West vs. Total Vertical Depth and North-South vs. Total Vertical Depth.

Version 1.37.0 - February 16, 2023


  • In Stick Chart Viewer:

    • Cement information displays next to the casing as gray shades based on information populated and provided through WDL. The tooltip shows the cement depths.
    • Kick-off point visible in the trajectory track.
    • The total number of days is cumulative for the well and specific for each side track wellbore.
  • We now provide correct information fetch for related documents using AssetExternalID on the WDL side.

Fixed bugs

  • We have resolved an issue related to non-responsive user interface on the Stick Chart.
  • Sort by file name has been resolved for documents.
  • We have resolved issues related to well and wellbore counts after loading more wells.

Version 1.36.0 - December 15, 2022


  • In Stick Chart Viewer:

    • Integrate stick chart summaries for:

      • Casing
      • Hole section
      • Mud weight
      • Highlighting events
    • Show mud weight in the casing plot track.

    • Casing details don’t present any more Inner Diameter.

    • Thinner FIT & LOT track and on the right of the casing track.

  • PPFG and Geomechanics provide view of uncertainties.

  • Well Reports present clearly reporter’s name.

  • Wells and wellbores can be searched by name and Unique Wellbore Identifier (UBI) or Unique Well Identifier (UWI).

Fixed bugs

  • NPT events are now correctly visible in Stick Chart for specific field.
  • FIT and LOT shown on Geomechanics view for specific field.

Data side

  • Improved data completeness for casing for specific wells.
  • Improved data quality for specific field.

Version 1.35.0 - November 18, 2022


  • Added report button in NDS/NPT/3D detail screen to open report menu.
  • Stick Chart:
    • Added rig name in stick chart view.
    • Added total days next to wellbores name in stick chart view.
    • Total depth is shown for each wellbore in green on the Casings plot.
  • 3D view:
    • Casing size for OD and ID displayed in fraction for casing details and 3D View.
    • Casing info on card at the bottom left with Outer Diameter or OD.
    • Inform users that only NPT and NDS events along the trajectories are plotted.
  • Maximum inclination angle range for well characteristic filter correspond to data.
  • Improved speed in author filter for documents.
  • Updated Equivalent Departure equation:Equivalent departure equation

Fixed bugs

  • Stick Chart:
    • Resolution of issue observed when in meter unit for leak off test (LOT) and formation integrity test (FIT) values when moving from measured depth (MD) to total vertical depth (TVD)
    • Resolution of issue observed when switching from MD to TVD related to duplication of some casing elements for some Gulf of Mexico wellbores
  • PPFG and Geomechanics show curves and LOT & FIT.
  • Issue reported for Raven field selection has been resolved with viewing several regions for one specific field. In general 1 field should correspond to 1 region. In this case, due to data issues, 1 field has 2 regions. The front end now manages the situation of 1 field and multiple regions.

Data side

  • Validation on complete casing items:
    • Azeri
    • Gulf of Mexico, in particular Green Canyon wellbores
    • North Sea

Version 1.34.0 - October 14, 2022


  • LOT and FIT in Stick Chart.
  • The Hole section is displayed in Stick Chart next to Casings in MD and TVD.
  • Resolution of the casing size labels next to the casing shoes.
  • The Casing plot us displayed in MD and TVD.
  • All wells and wellbores present consistent names across the application.
  • Improvement in the navigation between well record and map.
  • Simplification of casing details with no min label displayed.
  • Casing details are displayed in decreasing outer diameter order.

Fixed bugs

  • All LOT and FIT measurements are now properly displayed in Stick Chart. Ongoing validation to ensure that they can be displayed in both TVD and MD.
  • Geomechanics and PPFG data are correctly displayed.
  • Resolution of some casing element duplication.

Version 1.33.0 - October 03, 2022


  • Wells feedback

    • Improved data quality by reporting data-related issues for wellbores.
    • Users can report issues on wellbores issue card or on the well detail page
  • 3D view: casings display more clearly along the well trajectory and the NPT & NDS events.

  • Stick Chart builder: when too many events are present at the same depth, it's easier to explore them using the icon on the scatter view to expand the view of the event cluster.

  • Stick Chart: the Casing tab has been removed and added as Casings > Detail page.

Fixed bugs

  • Stick Chart: we have resolved the deselection of wellbores.
  • Check casings for some wells and wellbores on specific fields and for wells presenting Side Track.


Sometimes the RKB elevation doesn't appear, as it's too small compared to the max depth. Consequently, the scaled height in pixels representing the elevation goes to 0px. We are analyzing how to inform users about the datum elevation or to remove it.

Version 1.32.0 - September 15, 2022


  • Customized external link available under project configuration. Example on BIT BHA Tracker MVP 1.0.

  • Stick Chart:

    • Trajectory is available in TVD and in MD.
    • Trajectory - East-West versus North-South is available.
    • Improved display of the Casing Strings.
    • Improved data availability card.
    • Check on the casing elements and improved element display.
    • Change default order for stick chart data sets.
    • Improved hidden event in scatter view option.

Fixed bugs

  • Layers on map are available.

  • Improved presence and display of NPT and NDS events depths in Stick Chart and 3D view.


    In the Casing View, events depths versus time, Stick Chart, PPFG views, and events are plotted when MD is larger or equal to 0.

    In the 3D view, only events are plotted when MD is larger or equal to 0 and only where there is a well trajectory.

Version 1.31.0 - September 5, 2022


  • In the Stick Chart view:
    • We have added the trajectory card under the detail page.
    • We have improved the filter by including formation, trajectory and FIT/LOT next to Casing, NPT, NDS, Section summary.
    • View of LOT / FIT graph.
    • View of formation tops.
    • Adjusted the casing shoe design - also reflected in the Casing view.
    • Various optimization.
  • Show wellbores that meet/don't meet the well filter criteria with wellbore characteristics.
  • Other option added to the document feedback.
  • NDS Events adjustments.
  • Refactoring and code improvement.
    • We have moved data validation on measurements into data layer.
    • We have cleaned up Ppfg/Geomechanics errors.
    • Aligned title text in geomechanics and PPFG drop-down.
  • Refactor services - Maintenance Activities.

Fixed bugs

  • Well
    • Syntax search: The Clear all button is resolved after entering the name of a well.
    • Stick Chart: the Scatter view is now preserved when deselecting wellbores.
    • The field filter option refreshes properly after selecting a field drop-down menu.
    • 3D:
      • Fixed an issue where clicking the Others button made the left side panel disappear.
      • Objects are under the correct light with the option overlay.
      • When changing measurement unit, selected wells remain selected.
      • Vertical axis is correctly displayed.
    • Table: Sorting by water depth is correct following data availability selection.
    • Casing: Show details when clicking the Details drop-down after selecting NPT events option from list.
    • Trajectory: Change measurement unit from chart full view mode.
    • Geomechanics:
      • When pressure unit change, the chart x axis label changes according to the selected pressure unit.
      • NPT & NDS filter drop-downs now close automatically.
    • Related document: The Clear all button is now active after entering the name of a well in the search box.
    • NDS events:
      • Filters are kept even after changing the measurement unit.
      • Column values are correctly updated after changing the measurement unit.
  • Admin settings
    • Correct code definitions page.

Version 1.30.0 - August 11, 2022


  • New Well view tab:
    • Stick Chart view with Casing information, NPT, and NDS events in scatter or cluster views.
  • In the Geomechanics view:
    • Display NPT and NDS events next to Geomechanics curves.
    • The angle information is now on the Geomechanics curve tooltip and graph.
    • Connect NDS / NPT scatter view to view toggle in Geomechanics.
    • Zoom and selection for PPFG well page should scale graph and related columns.
    • Add events filter into Geomechanics.
  • In the Well log view:
    • Distinct colors for logs.
  • In the 3D view:
    • Description of NPT and NDS events are more precise.
    • Well names are more readable on the top of the well.
  • In the Well filter:
    • Data Availability includes Hole Sections, Well Tops, and Time Measurements.
  • In Document filter:
    • Introduction of a new author filter for document search. Capability to filter on unknown authors.
  • Manage document feedback from the Admin Panel:
    • Approve/reject document type feedback document classification. Note that only one change of document type label is allowed per day.
  • Project Config Layer:
    • Support to create, search and delete more than 1000 features.
    • Option to remove old layers from the admin settings dropdown.
    • Add and manage shapefiles.

Fixed bugs

  • In the Map view:
    • Resolution of icon position for polygon search.
  • In the well filters:
    • Region remains selected when the field is unselected.
    • For the NPT events, no more duplicated NPT Risk Types.
  • In the Wells Search result table:
    • Results are correctly sorted when ordering by "Water Depth".
  • In the Trajectories view:
    • Equivalent Departure graph has been resolved.
    • No duplicated trajectories for GoM Atlantis Wells.
    • Colors for wellbore remain the same independently of the selection or deselection.
    • Resolution of the trajectory display concerning the geographic coordinates system for consistency with 3D View.
  • In the NDS Events view:
    • Sub types can be deselected in Risk type and subtype filters.
  • In Casing view:
    • No Casing message should be centered.
  • In the Well log view:
    • The curves in one subplot are displayed with different colors.
  • In the Geomechanics & PPFG view:
    • No more duplicate errors.
    • Leak of Test (LOT) data is now visible.
    • Connect NDS / NPT scatter view to view toggle.
  • In the 3D view:
    • The close feature works now.
    • When selecting "Exit full screen", the "set-z scale" button is now clearly displayed.
    • Check of data for NPT events against well trajectories in the 3D view and NPT view.
  • In the Favorite view:
    • Resolution of the favorite card size behavior when clicking on comment.
    • Resolution of the unit for water depth when changing distance unit.
    • Resolution of issue in unit between ft and m on event descriptions.
  • Improved stability for discover-api categories call when data are missing.

Version 1.29.0 - June 24, 2022


  • Added the ability to set the legend for the Non-Productive Time (NPT) codes and detail codes in the Admin settings.
  • In 3D view:
    • The unit for the measure distance option now displays.
    • The new "view mode" feature lets you overlay multiple wells to compare their trajectories.
    • The measurement reference is hidden on the Compare Curves view for the Geomechanics and PPFG data view.
  • Improved colors for the NPT events.
  • The favorite option now has the star icon inside the well map card
  • On the feedback on documents:
    • The company name is displayed below the submitter's name and the assigned user.
    • Administrators can assign tickets to other administrators.
    • Dynamic search for the assigned administrator as you type.
  • The Well result table shows KB elevation, Dog Leg Severity, Measured Depth, and True Vertical Depth to help you understand the results of the corresponding well characteristic filtering.
  • You can save the Project Configuration Layer with updates in the geospatial data.
  • No Drilling Surprise (NDS) clusters are visible next to the Casings data.
  • Development of NDS Tree view.
  • When opening a favorite that only presents wells, with no document, the favorite opens directly on the Well tab.
  • A new tooltip component.
  • The updated dropdown component improves the feature stability.

Fixed bugs

  • On the casing view, the resolution of the overlapping texts with casing elements or other texts.
  • On the 3D view:
    • Improved readability of the event description when selecting aN NPT event or No-Drilling-Surprise event
    • Depth values and unit are properly displayed on the Vertical axis as a function of the unit setting.
  • Fixed clearing of the document selection.
  • Problems related to zooming in and out on the map have been resolved.
  • The minimap now shows the exact location.
  • Corrected the original path for the metadata of documents.
  • Search and close options remain close to the polygon when zooming in or out.
  • Fixed the search on the exact page number for documents.

Version 1.28.0 - May 13, 2022

New features

  • Enhanced Casing tab.
    • Ability to view casing schematics on one side or both sides.
    • Ability to view RKB, sea level, and mud line in casing schematics.
  • Ability to view NDS events next to casings schematics on the Casing tab.
  • Ability to view NPT codes and details codes in NPT graphs and tables using the i button or by hovering over.
  • Ability to expand the trajectories graph in the Trajectories view.

Fixed bugs

  • The Related Documents view does not display duplicated items.
  • Fixed bugs related to the Comments tab in favorites and saved search.
  • Fixed the NPT Code toggle option.
  • The NPT and NDS events are now visible in the 3D view.
  • Fixes to the display of the scatter plot in the NPT tab.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the right arrow in the casings view from working correctly.