# Well data

With Discover, you can explore, analyze, and visualize a wide range of well data sets. Then share data or snapshots with your fellow workers using the Favorites functionality.

Wells page

# Search and analyze well data

Search and find multiple well data using the Search field, the Polygon tool, or select a filter in the Wells list in the left pane. You can filter according to data source, field/block/operator, well characteristics, measurements, NDS, and NPT. Then open the Wells tab and select the wells you want to analyze further. Click View to open a new page with useful metadata for the selected wells, such as field, source, operator, and others, and to get access to separate tabs with many more insights:

Tab name View Actions
Trajectories Graphs with well paths Zoom, take snapshots, download
NDS Table with risk types, severity, probability, subtypes, hole diameter, start and end, TVD offset Filter on risk type, severity, and probability
NPT Table with start date, end date, NPT MD, NPT codes, duration, descriptions, root cause, failure location Filter on NPT duration (hrs), values, codes
Casings Table with casing types, top and bottom MD, OD min and max, ID min Select to see casing schematics
Log type Table with source, category, name Select to see wellbore graphs, select data range, wellbore
Related documents Table with documents related to selected wellbores Search by file name, sort on file type, document type, date range, source
3D All data in 3D models View wellbore data in 3D
Geomechanics Graphs for angle (deg) and pressure (ppg) Graphs for angle and pressure (ppg)
Multiple PPFGs Graphs with PPFG Select wellbores, PPFT types, curves, pressure unit, isolate trace, zoom, and take snapshots
Last Updated: 6/11/2021, 9:29:44 AM