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Explore and navigate

Discover and explore all the subsurface data, such as documents and well data from the Discover landing page. You can search by any name or number or use the Polygon tool to find documents within a geographical area. Then apply filters for Documents, Seismic data, and Well data, or sort the results by clicking the table headers in the result list.

Search using keywords

Enter any text or numbers, such as document names or well names, in the Search field and click Enter to bring up all types of documents, well data, and seismic data. The tabs on top of the page show the results for each category.

Add your search to Saved searches on the Favorites page by clicking the Saved search icon in the Search field and add your favorite items for easy access to a set of Favorites. You can read more about this here.


Search using the map

Click the Polygon tool button on the Discover landing page to search within a geographical area. Click once to start drawing, and keep clicking to create a polygon around your area of interest. Double-click to stop drawing and click the Search icon to open the result list. To zoom in and out of the map, click plus/minus on your keyboard or pinch and pan on your mouse pad.

Map Buttons

Assets and layers

Refine the map view by selecting which assets and layers to show on the map. Click the Assets button to see a list of assets configured based on your CDF project. Click the Layers button to select layers of wells, fields, licenses, topography, and discoveries.

Filter search results


You can filter the search results with particular filters for each category:

  • Click Documents to filter search results on file types, document types, date ranges, and source.

  • Click Seismic to filter search results on survey, migration, acquisition date, and processing date.

  • Click Wells to filter search results on a data source, field/block/operator, well characteristics, measurements, NDS and NPT.