# Getting started with the Seismic SDK beta

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# Installation

To install this package:

pip install cognite-seismic-sdk

# Client setup and authentication

All data in CDF are stored in a CDF tenant, identified by a project name. To specify the project or tenant to work on, set the COGNITE_PROJECT environment variable or use the project keyword argument to the CogniteSeismicClient constructor.

The preferred way to authenticate against the Cognite API is by setting the COGNITE_API_KEY environment variable. All examples in this documentation require that the variable has been set.

$ export COGNITE_PROJECT = example-project
$ export COGNITE_API_KEY = <your-api-key>

You can also pass your API key directly to the CogniteClient.

>>> from cognite.seismic import CogniteSeismicClient
>>> client = CogniteSeismicClient(project = "example-project", api_key="<your-api-key>")

# What's next?

To learn more about the Seismic SDK, see the SDK reference documentation (opens new window).

Last Updated: 8/19/2021, 3:16:56 PM