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Set up ANYmal

Once you completed the general setup, configure the ANYmal-specific settings to connect ANYmal to InRobot. Before you begin, ensure you have internet access on your PC or WM and that the ANYmal API is available and installed.

Download ANYmal integration

To download the ANYmal integration:

  1. Sign in to CDF portal application.
  2. In the Integrate dropdown list, select Connect to source systems.
  3. Select and download the Cognite ANYbotics ANYmal Integration extractor.

Learn more about data extraction.

Make sure the docker images are available

The ANYmal device agent consists of 3 different images:

  • The device agent (${REPOSITORY}anymal-device-agent-amd64:${TAG}). Example build command:
docker build -t eu.gcr.io/dmvp-269308/anymal-device-agent-amd64:latest -f integrations/anymal-device-agent/Dockerfile .
  • The environment parser (${REPOSITORY}anymal-environment-parser-amd64:${TAG}). Example build command:
docker build -t eu.gcr.io/dmvp-269308/anymal-environment-parser-amd64:latest -f integrations/anymal-device-agent/Dockerfile.environmentparser .
  • The mission parser (${REPOSITORY}anymal-environment-parser-amd64:${TAG}). Example build command:
docker build -t eu.gcr.io/dmvp-269308/anymal-mission-parser-amd64:latest -f integrations/anymal-device-agent/Dockerfile.missionparser .

Deploy ANYmal device agent to your ANYbotics ANYmal

Set environment variables

Rename the .env_template to .env and fill in the environment variables.

Docker images

TAGEnter the latest version of the device agent, for example, 0.5.0.
REPOSITORYEnter the location of the docker image.


COGNITE_CLIENT_SECRETEnter client secret.
COGNITE_TENANT_IDEnter Azure tenant ID.
COGNITE_PROJECTEnter the name of the Cognite project.
COGNITE_CLUSTEREnter the name of the Cognite cluster.


ANYMAL_SERVEREnter the ANYmal server to connect to, for example,
ANYMAL_ROBOT_NAMEEnter the name of the robot to connect to.
ANYMAL_STATE_UPDATE_PERIOD_MILLISECSEnter the rate at which states are sent from the ANYymal device agent, for example, 100".
ROOT_CERTIFICATEEnter the path to the root certificate.
CLIENT_CERTIFICATEEnter the path to the client certificate.

Environments and missions

MISSION_FOLDEREnter the path to the folder to upload ANYmal mission files.
ENVIRONMENT_FOLDEREnter the path to the folder to upload ANYmal environment files.

Run the device agent

From a folder that contains the .env file and the docker-compose.yaml file run the following command:

docker-compose up -d

Upload an ANYmal environment

Find an ANYmal environment file and rename it to <environment_name>.yaml, where the environment_name is what you would like the location in InRobot to be called. Add that file to the folder on specified by the ENVIRONMENT_FOLDER environment variable. This makes the environment parser process the environment file and create a location, frame, and a waypoint map in Cognite Data Fusion. Examples of environment files are testenvironment1.yaml, testenvironment2.yaml.

Parse ANYmal missions

After the environment has been parsed and uploaded to Cognite Data Fusion, you can upload ANYmal missions trained in that environment. To parse and upload ANYmal missions, add a folder containing all the missions in the environment to the folder on specified by the MISSIONS_FOLDER environment variable. The name of the folder added to the MISSIONS_FOLDER must be the environment_name. Examples of mission files are:


ANYmal is deployment ready; there's no need to add sensors, tags, or other physical adjustments to your environment. It uses onboard sensors to navigate without tags or fiducials.