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Tags, properties, checklists, and scanner

The settings below apply to data types connected to the CDF Asset resource type.


The settings on the Tags tab are visible as tab metadata across InField, such as in checklists, 3D views, search results, and in the top bar.

FieldDescriptionDefault value
Tag description1Specify the metadata field that contains a tag description that a person easily reads.-
Tag areaSpecify the metadata field that contains the tag area name. You'll find the area name in the top bar, on the 3D page, and to group checklist items per area.-
Outdated tagsEnter any outdated tags. A banner will tell users that the tag is outdated.-

1 required to visualize the data in the user interface.


In InField, the settings on the Properties tab are visible to users on the Properties page from the sidebar or on the Overview page.

FieldDescriptionDefault value
Properties with tag linksSpecify the metadata field that contains links to other tags.-
List of prioritized propertiesSpecify the metadata field that contains properties to display on the Properties card on the Overview page.-
List of lube oil propertiesSpecify the metadata field that contains lube oil properties to group these properties on the Properties page.-


The settings on the Checklists tab are visible when users work with checklists in InField.

Users can copy and paste tags from external sources, such as work management systems and Excel sheets. To separate the tags, you can set up how InField handles any prefixes, postfixes, and special characters in the tag name. For instance, "(\*).A[0.9] filters out "IAA\_" as a prefix if used in a plant name, such as IAA_21PT1019.

FieldDescriptionDefault value
Prefix tag filterEnter regular expressions to filter out prefixes from tag names.-
Postfix tag filterEnter regular expressions to filter out postfixes from tag names.-
Items split patternSpecify characters that will split checklist items and add a new line when items are pasted into a checklist.-
Notify to evaluate the need to create an observationTurn on to display a pop-up with Consider creating a notification in SAP when a user sets a checklist element to Not OK.-
Checklist approvalTurn on to enable users to approve checklists on behalf of co-workers. This is typically useful for discipline leads or production managers that want to verify that all checklist tasks are completed. The section Checklists for approval appears on the Checklist page in InField.Off


The settings on the Scanner tab apply to scanning tag IDs on an asset with a mobile unit.

NameDescriptionDefault value
Extra filtering for scanningSelect to limit the number of wrong results during scanning.OCR/DEFAULT
Scanner cropping areaTurn on to enable the cropping area while scanning.False