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Contextualize CAD models

With the manual contextualization of CAD models, you can map assets to 3D objects, improving the assets discoverability when using search.

Before you start

Before contextualizing, make sure you have already uploaded the CAD model. If you haven't uploaded yet:

  • Navigate to Data management > Configure > 3D to upload your CAD models.

For more information on uploading CAD models, see Upload 3D models.

Get started

Find the CAD model you want to contextualize from the list of uploaded models. Select Contextualize.

Within the 3D environment:

  1. Select the objects you want to contextualize to one asset.

    1. Choose the objects by selecting them directly.
    2. Alternatively, select the system or objects you want to contextualize by navigating the 3D node hierarchy.
  2. Use the resource selector on the right to find the asset you want to map to the selected objects. Use the search bar to search for an existing asset and scroll through the list.

  3. Select the asset, verify it is correct, and select + Add at the top right to add the asset.

  4. Use the 3D node hierarchy to view the linked asset. Select the linked asset to highlight it in the 3D environment.

  5. Select Create annotation.


If you want to map additional assets to the same node selection, repeat steps 2-4 for each asset.

To map an asset to a selection that includes already selected objects, add the additional objects to the existing selections. Once you have finished mapping assets to the selection, check your selection to avoid ending up with incorrectly contextualized objects.

Validate mappings

To validate and check your mapping, select Annotations in the top left corner of the viewer. This will collapse a list of all the mapped assets in the model. Hover over the list item to highlight the mapped objects. Select a list item to reposition the camera view to display all linked objects to the asset.

To open the 3D model in Data Explorer, select ... in the top right corner and select Open in Data Explorer. Select Toggle annotation visibility icon in the left corner of the toolbar to highlight the contextualized objects. Now, when you select an object, the detail card for the asset will appear.


In CAD, you can map several assets to one object.

If you incorrectly map one or more objects to an asset, you can delete this link by selecting Annotations in the top left corner. This will collapse a list of all the mapped assets in the model.

Find the mapped asset you want to delete and select Delete icon. The action will delete all the mappings between the model and the asset.