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About template management

Template management lets you configure and instantiate templates.

Create template group

A template group gives you a dedicated space to host the templates and instances for your application.

  • Click New template group and give it a name and description. The template group will have version 1: v1
  • Add the templates you want to use for your group, or create the template you want to add to your group.
  • You can query the template groups using the tabs Overview, Schema, Templates & instances, and Query explorer.
  • Use Share to add users that can edit your template groups.

Create template

  • Click New template and give it a name and description.
  • Add the fields you want to use in your template: Time series, String, Int, Float, or Boolean.

About the suggestion feature

When you add instances and properties to your template, the suggestion algorithm learns your patterns and metadata and the connections between the time series, and it will infer the time series for the other instances.