# Signing in to CDF and Cognite applications

To sign in to Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) and other Cognite applications, you need to provide these credentials:


  • Company ID: The Cognite ID for your company/organization.

  • Email account: Your organizational email address, for example, yourname@yourcompany.com.

  • Password: The password for your organizational email address.

  • Project cluster: Only applies to some organizations.

If you don't know what values to enter in one or more of these fields, contact your internal help desk or the CDF admin for help. The CDF admin is often the person who gave you the link to sign in to CDF or the Cognite application. If you can't find out who the CDF admin is in your organization, contact support@cognite.com.

If you have checked that you have entered the correct information but are still not able to sign in, try these tips before you contact support@cognite.com:

# Restart the browser

A previous signed-in session may still be active on the browser. To deactivate this session, you must quit and restart the browser. Then navigate to the application where you want to sign in.

# Clear the browser cache

The browser may have cached an older version of the application. To force a new version to be loaded:

  1. Navigate to the application.
  2. Reload the current page, ignoring cached content:
    • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R
    • macOS: Cmd + Shift + R
  3. Proceed to sign in.

# Clear browser cookies

Sometimes the cookies set by the identity provider (for example, Microsoft, Google) are stale, corrupted, or cannot be read. Follow the steps for your browser to clear the cookies:

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