Console release notes


  • Limit access to specific time series through more granular access management in Identity Access Management Create new group with more granular access
  • Easily filter for what you're looking for in Identity Access Management through a more visible filtering button Filtering in IAM
  • Added Cognite logo
  • Fixed bug in Identity Access Mgmt., displaying unavailable capabilities for projects


  • Improved user interface for creating groups, with more details about each field to be filled out.
  • Improved user interface for creating service accounts, specifically providing more details about the capabilities of the groups when you add a service account to groups.

Create service account


  • Added search/filter by name for Groups and Service Account under Access Management.
  • Added informational page for Access Management.

Access Management informational page


  • Added new Get started component to the home page.

Get started component


  • Launched new home page.

New home page

Last Updated: 9/18/2019, 9:38:29 PM