# Learning resources

At your own pace, develop practical skills in getting started courses or register for events or hands-on online classroom courses.

# Getting started courses

Learn on your own schedule and get quickly started on a topic.

What is CDF?

16 mins

Explore the CDF architecture, data model, and data flow.

Plan a CDF implementation

12 mins

Learn about our best practices for implementing CDF.

CDF Beginner

Manage access to CDF

19 mins

Understand how to securely manage access to CDF.

CDF Beginner

# Monthly getting started events

See upcoming events and sign up (opens new window) to get started with using Cognite products. The events are led by subject matter experts and coaches, and are available for registered partners and customers.

# Online classroom courses

For registered partners and customers, we also offer online classroom courses. To register, contact your Cognite representative.

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